El día que me quieras

New album by Miquel Pérez. Available on all platforms, this new recording “EL día que me quieras.”
It is composed of own arrangements of tangos of which Carlos Gardel sang and a piece by Isolina Carrillo.

El laberinto de los dioses

A novel written in poetic prose by the writer Virginia Blanes, on which Miquel Pérez has worked. It is a selection of texts from it, set to music in various styles.

Ibn Hazn Còrdova (994-1064)

El Collar de la coloma, is a book about the essence of love in Andalusia during the Umayyad dynasty, original by the Arab writer Ibn Hzam. We have built our work on the conviction that music and the spoken word will make us travel a thousand years back

Pep Gimeno Botifarra & Miquel Pérez

Singer Pep Gimeno Botifarra and Miquel Pérez have toured several times together in recent years, bothwith a band of musicians, symphonicprojectsledby Pau Cháferor as a duo. High lighting their last tour “Arrels” in which they consolidated artistically as a duo, and which is still on the road today.

Welcome to the website of Miquel Pérez Perelló, professional music, guitarist and composer!

This website has been created with the objective of making possible that in this moment, right now, a contact between yourself and my musical experience takes place. I have to apologise for not being able to welcome you personally, as at this particular moment I am immersed in my daily routine.

Nonetheless, should my proposal seem interesting to you, please do not hesitate to contact me by email or phone.  I will be delighted to discuss with you about the possibility to organise a musical event, as well as about any issue related to this website.

Thank You

Miquel Pérez

  1. 1. Por una cabeza 0:48
  2. 2. El dia que me quieras 1:18
  3. INTRODUCCIÓ A L'ODISSEA Melodemodomies 7:48
  4. A TOT LO QUE VINGA Miquel Pérez 3:20

Dec 2023

Date/hour Event
6:30 pm - 8:15 pm
"Ja ve l'aire" con el cantaor Pep Gimeno Botifarra
L’Eliana, L'Eliana València
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
"Homenaje a Joan Manuel Serrat" con el rapsoda Vicent Camps
UGT- València, València València
Todo el día
"De banda a banda del Mediterrani" con Pep Gimeno Botifarra i Hamed Touzani
Villena, Villena Alacant
Todo el día
"Dos pal sac" con el cantar Pep Gimeno Botifarra
Flix, Flix Tarragona

Nov 2023

Date/hour Event
Todo el día
"Ja ve l'aire" con el cantaor Pep Gimeno Botifarra
Auditori Vila-real, Vila-real Castelló
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
"Homenaje a Joan Francesc Mira"
Claustre del Convent, Montcada València
Música i il·lustracions per a Ausiàs March

Música i il·lustracions per a Ausiàs March

En acabar, el grup Melodemodomies —format pel rapsode Tomàs Llopis, Miquel Pérez Perelló, musica original i guitarra, Maria Jesús Moreno a les flautes, Glòria Aleza a la viella i instruments de corda, i Diego López a la percussió—, va oferir un espectacle poètic… ARTÍCULO APARECIDO EN “LA VEU DELS LLIBRES”

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