MIQUEL PÉREZ PERELLÓ. Professional musician.
He is one of the outstanding guitarists of his generation, a versatile musician who has delved into the guitar as an instrument of long tradition both cultured and popular.
As a guitar player, he stands out as a soloist and also in chamber groups with musicians of international prestige.
He began his studies with Vicente Ballester in Denia, his city, continuing in Alicante where he finished his guitar career with Professor José Tomás, a favorite student of the mythical Andrés Segovia. In Barcelona perfect your knowledge
studying a postgraduate degree at “L’Escola d’Arts Musicals Luthier”. He has done a Master in Musical Research at VIU (International University of Valencia) as well as the “Master in Classical Guitar Interpretation” from the University of Alicante.
He has performed both in Spain and in France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, Korea and China where he has made masterclasses in various cities.
His artistic restlessness makes him stand out as a composer-creator in shows where also literature and the plastic arts They are protagonists, thus their projects have traveled a large part of the theaters and auditoriums of our territory.
He has taught music history classes at the Miguel Hernández University as well as at the Superior Conservatory of Music Joaquín Rodrigo de Valencia and Superior Conservatory of Music Salvador Seguí de Castellón.
He resides in Valencia exclusively dedicated to artistic activity. He performs his concerts with an invaluable guitar called “La Campiña” built by guitar maker José Luís Romanillos, Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Alicante 2014.


  • 2002 Música española para dos guitarras. Con el guitarrista Vicent Ballester
  • 2007 Colabora con Valentín Bielsa. Música para guitarra de Vicent Ballester.
  • 2007 Sinfonía Andalucía de Derek Bourgeois. Con La Armónica de Buñol, dirigida por Rank de Vuyst.
  • 2009 El Llibre de Dénia por Vicent Andrés Estellés. Música original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2011 Preludis per a guitarra. Obra para guitarra original de Miquel Pérez.
  • 2013 Està la vida en tot. Canciones originales de Miquel Pérez.
  • 2014 Homer l’Odissea. Música original Miquel Pérez
  • 2015 Marc Granell recitable. Música original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2015 Pep Botifarra & Pau Chafer. “A un home que ve del poble, ningú fa abaixar la cara”
  • 2015 Lluvia ácida. “Gota a gota”. Voz: Pepu Sulé. Guitarra: Miquel Pérez
  • 2017. “Miguel Hernández”. Música original Miquel Pérez, recita Vicent Camps.
  • 2017. “Homenatge a Joaquín Rodrigo. Concierto de Aranjuez”. O.M.A Director: Francesc Estévez.
  • 2017. “Cant d’amor i de mort d’Ausiàs March” música de Miquel Pérez.
  • 2017. “Homero la Odisea” (versión castellana. Música Original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2017. “Homer the Odyssey” (versión inglesa). Música Original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2018. “Sense meta ni rumb”. Miquel Pérez & Maria Moreno. Canciones de Miquel Pérez
  • 2019. Colabora en “Pepe Botifarra & Pau Chafer-SIMFÒNIC”. Con la Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.
  • 2020. “El dia que me quieras”. Miquel Pèrez interpreta tangos a Carlos Gardel a la Guitarra
  • 2022. “El collar de la coloma” Ibn Hazn de Còrdova (994-1064). Poesía Andalusí. Música original; Miquel Pèrez

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