• José Manó: vocals
  • Virginia Blanes: voice in *Exit from the labyrinth
  • Magdalena Martinez: flute
  • EryTakeya: violin
  • Rafal Jeziersky: cello
  • Antonio Sánchez: Percussion and effects
  • Miquel Pérez Perelló: Guitar and theorbo

Recording and mastering: Tahir Durkalic

El laberinto de los dioses. 2023

“El laberinto de los dioses” (memories of a fallen angel), is the novel written in poetic prose by the writer Virginia Blanes, on which Miquel Pérez Perelló has worked in this project. It is a selection of texts from it, set to music in various styles, the content of which Miquel wanted to emphasize and highlight.

The theme of the work revolves around the shadow-demon of a painter and the love story that is born between them. This romance serves the writer to display a whole series of implicit knowledge closely related to inner work and consciousness, which in its total result in an analogy of the transmutation of the personal shadow.

The work unfolds through eleven chapters, which, although they cannot replace reading the book, create a deep and emotional atmosphere.


  • Sometimes everything is dark
  • She recognizes her shadow
  • She invites me to play through her
  • Fairy and Daemon
  • civilization after civilization
  • Broken love
  • give up for love
  • The birth of the new offspring
  • Surrender
  • The birth of the angel
  • Exit from the maze

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