Ausiàs March. Cants d’amor i de mort

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Cants d’amor i de mort

In short, “Cants d’amor i de mort” is the project presented by the group Melodemodomies and which intends to say March’s poetry with musical accompaniment composed especially to illustrate the poems by Miquel Pérez Perelló. The project has the collaboration of Joan Castejón to illustrate the poems with drawings that will be screened in the hall during the recitals, as is already the case with the montage “Homero: Odyssey”. ElTakataka productions will again be responsible for creating the animation with the drawings to adapt it to the live scene.

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  1. Pren-me’naixí 3:45
  2. Colguen les gents 2:11
  3. Qui no éstrist 1:27
  4. Fantasiant 2:08
  5. Lleixant a part 3:10
  6. Lo jorn 1:49
  7. Sens lo deig 1:51
  8. Oh mort 1:43
  9. La carnvolcarn 1:24
  10. Quid’amorfuig 1:03
  11. Trist ab delit 2:02
  12. Oh vos mesquins 2:02
  13. Aixícomcell 0:39
  14. Aquellesmans 2:41
  15. Jo sómolttrist 4:22
  16. Veles e vents 4:29
  1. Pren-me’naixí Melodemodomies 3:45
  2. Qui no éstrist Melodemodomies 1:28
  3. Trist ab delit Melodemodomies 2:02
  4. Veles e vents Melodemodomies 4:29


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