MIQUEL PÉREZ PERELLÓ. Professional musician.
He starts his studies in Denia with Vicent Ballester, continuing in Alicante where he finishes his degree with the celebrated professor Jose Tomás. In Barcelona perfect his musical knowledge, doing a postgraduate in “L’Escola d’Arts Musicals Luthier”.

He has made courses of perfection with principal guitarist masters like: José Tomás, Carles Trepat, Hopkinson Smith, Ignacio Rodes, Manuel Barrueco, David Russel, between others. Also has studied the chant repertory with guitar, with the celebrated Miguel Zanetti, and he has collaborated with the singers Ana Maria Sánchez, Maria Velasco and Maria José Martos. He has made classes of composition with the composer Javier Santacreu.


He has been selected for Injuve circuits, and play concerts in several cities of the Spanish geography, (Lugo, Badajoz, Reus, ..). Ha has played in:“Fundació Juan March” (Madrid), “Auditorio Wintertour” (Barcelona), ) Palau de la Música Valenciana “Teatro Arniches” (Alicante), “Museo de Bellas Artes San Pio V” (Valencia),”Las Noches del Oceanoràfic” (Valencia), “Sala de Cultura Sa Nostra” (Mahón), “Ruta de las Hermitas” (Altea), “Festival de Música Clásica” (Teulada-Moraira), “Semana Internacional de Música” (Denia), “Palau-Auditori” (Canet d’n Berenguer),etc.

He also plays abroad in France (concert tour for the Provenze: Aix en Provence, Chateau de Saumane,…), Europe Baronissi Festival (Itali), and in Germany and Suisse. With the band “Unión Artistico Musical of Dénia, travels to Korea to plays in the festival “Wonju Tatto” (Jeju).

He release for the first time in Spain, with the band “Unión Artístico Musical· of Dénia the piece “Conciertango Buenos Aires” of the argentine guitarist Cacho Tirao. He plays frequently with the orchestras O.M.A and Enrique Soriano. He also collaborate with the violinist Sandra Alfonso and with the pianist Francisco Pérez.

Ha has imparted classes of music history in the University Miguel Hernández, in the project the University of Experience, and also has taught in several conservatory like (Vich, Altea, Castellón, Moncada,…) and in the perfection courses of “Vila de Teulada” and “Callosa d’Ensarrià”. Nowadays he lives in Valencia, and he is professor in the conservatory Ana Maria Sánchez of Elda, he combines teaching with artistic activity.

His interest for the various music styles leads him to study jazz harmony with the guitarist Joan Soler and flamenco technique with the guitarist Jose Manuel Díaz and Kike Navalón. He was also trained in vocal technique by the jazz singer Arantxa Domínguez.

He collaborate with the guitarist Vicent Ballester recording the cd “Música Española para dos guitarras”, and they also play together some pieces in the cd “Música para guitarra de Valentín Bielsa”.
He set to music the book of poems “Llibre de Dénia” by Vicent andrés Estellés, with the collaboration of the poet Tomàs Llopis. This work has been edited, and eulogized by the critic.
He has recorded the piece “Sinfonía Andalucía” by Derek Borgeois, with the mythic band “La Armónica” of Buñol guided by Frank de Vuyst.
He has edited a cd with all his original works for guitar entitled “Preludis per a guitarra”, collaborating with the ONG “Arts cultura y desarrollo”. This ONG developed a program of music teaching in Mali-Africa guided to street children with risk of social exclusion.
His last work was an audiovisual performance based on Homero’s Odyssey, it’s been played in the principal theatres in Valencia, with more than twenty performances including the “Palau de la Música de Valencia”.

He has also been a guitar tutor in the school music “Conservatorio Superior de música Joaquín Rodrigo de Valencia”.

It currently focuses on interpretation and composition.


  • 2002 Música española para dos guitarras. Con el guitarrista Vicent Ballester
  • 2007 Colabora con Valentín Bielsa. Música para guitarra de Vicent Ballester.
  • 2007 Sinfonía Andalucía de Derek Bourgeois. Con La Armónica de Buñol, dirigida por Rank de Vuyst.
  • 2009 El Llibre de Dénia por Vicent Andrés Estellés. Música original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2011 Preludis per a guitarra. Obra para guitarra original de Miquel Pérez.
  • 2013 Està la vida en tot. Canciones originales de Miquel Pérez.
  • 2014 Homer l’Odissea. Música original Miquel Pérez
  • 2015 Marc Granell recitable. Música original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2015 Pep Botifarra & Pau Chafer. “A un home que ve del poble, ningú fa abaixar la cara”
  • 2015 Lluvia ácida. “Gota a gota”. Voz: Pepu Sulé. Guitarra: Miquel Pérez
  • 2016 Miguel Hernández. Recita Vicent Camps. Guitarra: Miquel Pérez
  • 2017. “Miguel Hernández”. Música original Miquel Pérez, recita Vicent Camps.
  • 2017. “Homenatge a Joaquín Rodrigo. Concierto de Aranjuez”. O.M.A Director: Francesc Estévez.
  • 2017. “Cant d’amor i de mort d’Ausiàs March” música de Miquel Pérez.
  • 2017. “Homero la Odisea” (versión castellana. Música Original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2017. “Homer the Odyssey” (versión inglesa). Música Original Miquel Pérez.
  • 2018. “Sense meta ni rumb”. Miquel Pérez & Maria Moreno. Canciones de Miquel Pérez
  • 2019. Colabora en “Pepe Botifarra & Pau Chafer-SIMFÒNIC”. Con la Bratislava Symphony Orchestra.
  • 2020. “El dia que me quieras”. Miquel Pèrez interpreta tangos a Carlos Gardel a la Guitarra

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